ISO 9001-2000 Certified | Since 1988

Modern Diagnostic Centre is a centre of excellence in laboratory medicine in terms of quality, dependability and accuracy in different diagnostic test. Established way back in April 1988 it has gradually developed into a quality diagnostic centre manned by expert, experienced, highly qualified specialists in all branches of lab medicine, medical technologist, paramedics, supporting staffs. It has four branches including main lab in Dhanmondi Road No. 08. Other branches are located at Fakirapool, English Road, Narayangonj. MDC is equipped with latest automated hematology, Biochemistry, hormone & immunological analyzer, others withy PCR based studies of hepatitis panel. All types of hormone test are done here. Human medical tests are available at a cheap price. 24 hours emergency lab service and collection service for outside are also available. Different histo pathological test, cytology, Normal FNAC, USG & CT FNAC, Core biopsy, BMD exam are available and reports are given within 1-2 days. A modern blood bank with blood group and Rh test, screening for donors of transfusion, coombs tests and whole blood & its components are available at Dhanmondi branch. 24 hours Radiology & Imaging technology like latest 64 slice CT Scan, 1.5 tesla MRI, Digital 1000 ma X-ray, Mammography, USG are available for 24 hours and these are reported by expert Radiologists and Sonologists Routine yearly health check up for male and female and facilities for executive health check up are also available at an affordable price.